Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers


What two roles does Varun Dhawan play in the 2017 film Judwaa 2? 

Raja and Prem 
Amar and Prem 
Raj and Rahul
Karan and Arjun

Answer. Raja and Prem

Question 2. The director of the Bahubali series has NOT directed which of these films? 

Arjun Reddy
All of the above

Answer. Arjun Reddy

Question 3.  For which radio channel does 'Sulu' host a show in the film Tumhari Sulu? 

Radio India 
Radio Wow 
Radio Star
Radio Mirche

Answer. Radio Wow

Question 4. Which of these was based on Chetan Bhagat's first novel? 

2 States 
3 Idiots

Answer. 3 Idiots

Question 5. Which 1963 film was the first under the Merchant Ivory Productions banner? 

The Householder 
Bombay Talkie 
Heat and Dust
None of the above

Answer. The Householder