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10 Errors That First Time YouTubers Make And How To Avoid Them

A mistake is inevitable when you begin a new journey. Have you ever heard of an infant who has learned to stand on his legs without falling? But that can never stop him from trying repeatedly, and we know, today or tomorrow, he will undoubtedly stand without anybody’s support. 
Everybody should adopt this ‘never to give up’ attitude. We all went through this phase, but as we grew up, we became too impatient and quickly gave up.
Without elaborating the introduction any longer, let’s enter today’s topic. As a YouTuber, your motto is to make engaging content to increase view count. How can you make error-free content that is also easy to understand? 
Here, you will get to know the 10 mistakes new YouTubers make while creating videos for their channel and the way outs to avoid them. 
I hope this will come in great help to the people who are planning to start a YouTube channel or already have one, but the number of subscribers or viewers is not up to the mark.

Error 1: Don’t Expect Success Overnight

This is a blunder, I must say. Remember, this is a free platform. Millions of people are trying to earn a good amount of money using this. You have to create a positive impact on the global audience through your content. This is not that easy for a beginner. 
10 mistakes new youtubers make
So, focus on the quality of the content so that it becomes popular among the viewers, not on earning. Have patience.   
The reward is solely based on popularity, not on the quality. Sometimes you may feel that some creator is getting more views, but your video is far better. This may be true, but don’t get frustrated. This may disturb your enthusiasm but just focus on how you can do better.
Choose the best video editor for free to finally make a short, simple, unambiguous videos. One more suggestion, don’t make lengthy videos, at least in the initial phase. Rather create multiple short videos on the same subject illustrating different features on each.
Suppose you have a food-related channel, in a single video, share one or two recipes, not more than that. The majority of the audience loves short videos.

Error 2: Deleting Videos

Never do this as this will delete all the views and watch time, which is the primary determinant of your earnings. It’s quite natural that you may not like the video that you have posted for some reason. 
You can make videos on the same subject later presenting differently and correcting the mistakes that you have done in the previous one. But don’t ever delete any videos if you are doing this for monetization.  

Error 3: Neglecting Audio Quality

Many newbies do it. They only stress on the visuals but use an ordinary tool for audio. This will affect the content tremendously. If you are an animated promo video maker, you will have to concentrate equally on the audio. 
To create attractive content, both visuals and audio play vital roles. InVideo provides an effective platform for creating animated promos.

Error 4: Breaking the Flow

If the sequence breaks, it loses all its charm. Before making it, outline how you will proceed step by step. Go deep into the topic, study about it, collect information, and then start. Switch from one point to another smoothly.

Error 5: Focus Is On The Quantity, Not On The Quality

The new YouTubers think, the more videos they will post, the more will be the views, and they will become eligible to get rewarded. Don’t forget, thousands of people are creating videos on the same topic. 
Your view count will only increase when you can provide well-researched information, the latest modifications, or useful tips that are not commonly available. A single video, every alternative day is fantastic to start with. 

Error 6: Long Break

Frequent video posts can degrade the quality, we already discussed that. Similarly, taking an extended break also causes a reduced number of the audience. Follow a routine for posting videos at regular intervals. But don’t make the interval too long unnecessarily.
This is a freelancing job, that’s true. But if you want to make great money from it, you have to dedicate energy and time.

Error 7: Creating Off-Topic Content

Proper research is more important than anything else. Make videos on those topics that you are well acquainted with. Be careful that your title and content complement each other. People look for good and easy to understand content. So, naturally, the title makes the first impression.

Error 8: Trying To Imitate Popular Content Creators

Follow the popular YouTubers, learn from their videos, but don’t make their carbon copy. Blend your thoughts to make them unique. The audience is very smart. If you blindly imitate another channel, they will raise questions about your individuality. This will have a long-lasting impression. You will lose views drastically.

Error 9: Limiting Presence Only To YouTube

Along with this channel, use other social media platforms to expand more and grow as a brand. Although Youtube has millions of viewers, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too are immensely popular platforms where you can upload your videos.

Error 10: Asking The Same Boring Question

A fraction of the fresh YouTubers keep on asking the same set of questions; How to get more subscribers? How to get more views? There are so many write-ups providing effective ways, and it’s known that there’s no specific formula. Self-learning is the best way.


YouTube is a fantastic platform to share your knowledge in any domain with the world. That is why thousands of people are creating YouTube channels every day and launching videos on different topics on which they have adequate knowledge. 
Through the internet, you can reach any corner of the globe. In addition to that, if more and more people see, like, or share your video, you will become eligible to earn a lot of money from those videos. Avoid the aforementioned errors, and you will be on the right track.


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