Amazon Quiz 27 June- Project CLAP is a cleanliness drive launched by which state government?

Project CLAP is a cleanliness drive launched by Andhra Pradesh state government.

Question 1- Project CLAP is a cleanliness drive launched by which state government?


Answer 1 : Andhra Pradesh

Question 2: In May 2021, who won the Portuguese Grand Prix?

Answer 2 – Lewis Hamilton

Question 3: On the occasion of the centenary of which famous Indian’s birth is ‘Another Dozen Stories’ being translated into English?

Answer 3 – Satyajit Ray

Question 4: In which book of Shakespeare, is this herb mentioned as ‘for remembrance’?

Answer 4 – Hamlet

Question 5: What colour is the cue ball in this game?

Answer 5 – White

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Question No. 1 Answer Andhra Pradesh
Question No. 2 AnswerLewis Hamilton
Question No. 3 AnswerSatyajit Ray
Question No. 4 AnswerHamlet
Question No. 5 AnswerWhite

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