List of the Most Expensive Things You Can Buy

While many of us look for ways to make shopping more affordable, some people across the world look for the most expensive forms of things they can purchase so they can revel in luxury. For example, one of the best cashback website in India, Khojdeal, is widely loved by customers for helping them save money. They do this through their product blog and YouTube channel which gives apt reviews of various products, cashback on every purchase made through the website, and various coupons that can be utilized by customers at any time.


Because everything sells, even if it’s pricey, and sometimes especially if it’s expensive, there’s something for everyone in this trope. Others illustrate the vanity of those who have lost sight of the sense of value as their bank account has grown, even if its rarity or history can justify their expensive price. Read below to find out about some of the most expensive purchases made in history.

1. – A Pizza: €10,100

Here’s a clever culinary invention for you, gourmet buddies. Renato Viola, a young Italian cook, created this Luis XIII pizza. Because it is produced at home by three chefs, you will need to prepare it three days ahead of time and clean up the apartment if you want to enjoy it before the next France-Italy match. They come to your house, prepare the dough, let it rest for 72 hours, and then season the ultra-premium ingredients like caviar, lobster, and mozzarella with little grains of hand-harvested Australian pink salt. At that price, it’s more than plenty for two people.

2. – A bottle of red: €11,800

A little Domaine de la Romanée Côte de Nuits Conti Grand Cru is the most expensive Burgundy in the world. Only 6,000 bottles are produced each year. The Archbishop of Paris is said to have praised it as “velvet and satin in the bottle.” At €157 per sip, it’s a steal.

3. – Hair: €105,000

In 2002, Elvis Presley’s hairdresser sold a few of the King’s hairs. When you see the crooner’s tuft, you know it’s money. Elvis Presley had ash blonde hair that he colored raven black in real life. Yes, and his hairdresser is still the one who leaked the information.

4. – A glove: €384,000

Another King, Michael Jackson, and another kind of memory: the glove he wore the first time he did his iconic moonwalk in 1983. (on the video it barely lasts two seconds, quite the end). Hoffman Ma bought it in January 2009 and later discovered that he hadn’t paid enough. Michael Jackson died six months later, and it is generally known that the objects of the deceased singers gain even greater worth.

5. – A bed: €403,000

This is some incredibly opulent sackcloth, the pinnacle of taste. The K.mooi Crystal Noir Limited Edition is made in China by Maxxa International Ltd and measures 2.24m by 2.26m with 802,903 Swarovski crystals. What piques your interest? None, unless you prefer drooling on a $10,000 pillow and counting your baubles every night to make sure the cleaning lady hasn’t taken a few.

6. – A game of chess: €546,000

Imagine that in 2005, 30 men worked for 4,500 hours under the leadership of jeweler Bernard Moquin to create this chess set for his Charles Hollander collection. They constructed a total of seven sets, each with 9,900 diamonds and 14-karat white gold.

7. – A dress: €847,000

It is one of the most valuable pieces of apparel in cinema history. Hubert de Givenchy created this exquisite little black dress, particularly for Audrey Hepburn. He often designed the actress’s outfits, both on stage and in the city, and they shared a close bond. The dress Marilyn Monroe wore to trot on the New York subway air vents, which sold for 4.2 million euros at auction, is undoubtedly Hollywood’s most iconic frock.

8. – Another dress: €1,161,000

Marilyn is a force to be reckoned with. With this flesh-colored gown, which, according to legend, was sewn directly on her and under which she wore nothing, preventing underwear marks from

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