Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 6 May Answers Win – 1GB Data

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz Answers Today – Hello Readers!! I am back with another quiz Answers.

Today Quiz has launch by Jio. In this quiz, you will get 1GB data if you give the correct answer to 10 questions.

Quiz Details:- 

Quiz name – Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz

Quiz Date – 6 May 2020

Jio Tata Salt IQL Quiz 6 May Answers 

Q.1 The Gorkha Regiment in the Indian Army was formed during the World War. It mostly comprises of people of the Gorkha Tribe based in which country?
Answer – Nepal
Q.2 Kalidas Samman is an award given out in the field of Arts by which State Government?
Answer – Madhya Pradesh
Q.3. Where in India is the next Kumbh Mela scheduled to be held in 2021?
Answer – Haridwar
Q.4. Which Rock Music Group was founded in 1990 in Delhi and is known for it’s albums like Jhini and Kandisa?
Answer – Indian Ocean
Q.5. Which dessert made with vermicelli forms part of a disrepute metaphor in India?
Answer– Falooda
Q.6. Which handcrafted leather chappals from Maharashtra have a Geographical Indication Tag in their honour?
Answer– Kolhapuri Chappal
Q.7  Which member of Akbar’s Navaratna was the Finance Minister of Mughal empire during his reign?
Answer– Todarmal
Q.8. After having lost to which Mughal King did the Tomar dynasty from Gwalior present them with the majestic diamond ‘Koh-i-noor’?
Answer – Humayun
Q.9. The Treaty of Allahabad was signed in 1765 between Mughal Ruler Shah Alam and what other person, giving a company rights to collect taxes from indian states?
Answer – Robert Clive
Q.10. Which scenic train bridge that connects the town of Mandapam and Rameswaram was opened in 1914 and was the longest sea bridge in India till 2010?
Answer– Pamban Bridge

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