Gamers Listen UP! These Online Games Could Help You Kickstart Your Career

If gaming is your passion, do you have what it takes to turn it into a profession? If you think you can challenge participants from around the world and win the ultimate prize, then enter these online games and make gaming your career.

These games will test your level, and if you are the best, then you can make some serious money with online gaming. 

Online Games For Serious Gamers

Given below are some online games for you to test your gaming experience: 

Arena of Valor International Championship

With a total prize pool of INR 3.5 cores and 12 teams, this is meant for competitive gamers. Teams play against each other and are eliminated in the round-robin format. Tencent and Garena organize this tournament.

There are awards for the most valuable player. There are points to be won at every stage. This is one of the top esports championships, and if you win it, you can master all the gameplay modes. 


This favorite board game can now be played online by a simple ludo game download. Challenge your friends or opponents from across the world and win money. The format is the same, and four players can play at a time.

You need to score a six with the dice and start the ludo game. The player or team who makes it to the home triangle first is the winner World Championship Series

Blizzard Entertainment organizes this championship. The games in this tournament include StarCraft II, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone world championships. To play this game, you need to have a account.

You need to be at least 16 years of age. Every tournament has an age requirement, and you need to check them before starting. The event takes place over a year with the finals taking place between October and December. 

Ultimate Battle

This esports league invites top players in India to compete for cash, accessories, or in-game items. Play games like Call of Duty mobile, Garena Free Fire, FIFA 20, and DOTA2. You get an opportunity to make friends with other gamers through the gamer’s community. 

With total prize money of INR 14 lakhs, there is serious competition. You get all the latest information about new games.

COBX Masters

With a prize pool of almost INR 1.5 crores, this is India’s biggest esports tournament. There are two titles at stake Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. If you want gaming as your career, you should try COBX masters. 

This tournament attracts global players, and there are various qualifying levels. 

Code Wars

This is a tournament for all coders. To qualify, you need to prove your coding skills in Python, C++, and other languages. 

You get an opportunity to practice. As you complete a level, you get to see your ranking compared to other players. 

You also get to upgrade your coding skills by discussing strategies with the community. Not only do you master your current language, but you also get to learn a new language

Dew Arena

This is a team online gaming championship, and it is played in 41 cities in India. Your team will be competing for a total prize pool of INR 20 lakhs, and if you win, you get featured on a Mountain Dew Bottle. Some games can be played both online and on your Android mobile device. 

You can play CS: GO and DOTA 2 online. World Cricket Championship and Monster Truck racing can be played through a mobile app. The other game that can be played on Dew Arena is PUBG mobile with 90 players and 90 winners.


This highly competitive CS: GO Championship is played by participants from 32 countries in the Asia Pacific Region and the Middle East. The top 16 teams fight for the grand prize of INR 70 lakhs in Shanghai. There is no entry fee for this tournament. 

You need to win the Indian Leg of the tournament before you qualify for the finals. The minimum age to participate in this tournament is 16 years. 

ESL India Premiership

Registration for this tournament is free and hugely popular. It has a prize pool of INR 1.15 crores that are distributed evenly among the winners. The four titles that you can compete for are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG mobile, Clash of Clans, and FIFA20. 

This tournament is organized by NODWIN gaming. To make a living as a gamer, you need to play this game. 

Gaming Monk Championship Series

This is one of India’s esports gaming platforms. There are games like FIFA 20, Call of Duty, or eight ball pool. There are competitive tournaments for serious gamers and cash prizes to be won. 

There are tournaments every hour and every day so that you can register at any time. If you have any favorite streamers, watch and interact with them. Get a chance to socialize with other gamers and play with them. 

Improve your chances of winning with tips and tricks from professional gamers. You will get regular updates regarding your favorite games. 

KO Fight Nights

This tournament has come to India recently but has become popular among gamers. You will play games like Super Smash Bros, Tekken7, and Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. The eliminations take place on the first two days. 

The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand finale take place on the third day. The prize pool is INR 12.35 lakhs. You need a BYOC ticket or a 3-day visitor pass to participate. 

League of Legends India Championship Cup

This championship is organized by Experience Points and Global eSports and is a major gaming event in Asia. Teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India try to win this tournament that has two stages. There is a group stage and a knockout stage. 

Eight teams qualify for the knockout stage that is followed by the semi-finals and finals. The winning team gets a prize of INR 30,000. 

Make Online Gaming Your Career

There is a lot of money to be made in online gaming, but you need to be an expert at the game you choose. If you want to make online gaming your career, you need to start practicing daily and see how you perform against gamers across India or the world. 

You need to enter all the top gaming competitions mentioned here and keep improving till you start winning.


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