Flipkart Quiz – Who all are a part of the PUMA athlete roster?

Who all are a part of the PUMA athlete roaster?

Answer 1:- All Of The Above

Question 2. Which Indian Olympian Was Signed As A PUMA Ambassador In 2019?

Answer 2 – Mary Kom

Question 3. Which Of These Indian Captains Was Also Puma India’s Brand Ambassador?

Answer 3 – Sourav Ganguly 

Question 4. Who Became The First Indian To Reach 50 Million Instagram Followers?

Answer 4 – Virat Kohli

Question 5. Usain Bolt Holds The Men’s World Record For 100 M Dash At X Seconds . What Is X?

Answer 5 – 9.58 Seconds

Question 6. X Is The Goalkeeper Of The Indian Football Team And Is A PUMA Athlete. Who Is X?

Answer 6 – Gurpreet Singh Sadhu

    Flipkart Trivia Quiz Details:-

     Quiz Name 
     Flipkart Trivia Quiz

     Quiz Date  18 October 2020                                                    
     Winning Prize                                                                          Gems & Flipkart Voucher

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    3. Go to the games tab and click on Flipkart Trivia Quiz. 

    4. Now, give the correct answers of five question which is given above.

    5. Congratulations!! Now you will get Gems and Flipkart Voucher. 

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