Flipkart Quiz – A megawatt is equivalent to how many watts?


A megawatt is equivalent to how many watts?

Answer: 1 Million

Question 2. Vidyasagar, Rabindra and Vivekananda are the names of bridges on which river?

Answer 2: Hooghly

Question 3. Sony’s anti-hero Venom, earlier appeared in which 2007 superhero film?

Answer 3: Spider-Man 3

Question 4. Which of the following was the name of the world’s first digital computer?

Answer 4: ENIAC

Question 5. Which of these explorers lends his name to buses seen on Delhi’s roads ?

Answer 5: Macro Polo

    Flipkart Trivia Quiz Details:-

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     Flipkart Trivia Quiz

     Quiz Date  14 November 2020                                                    
     Winning Prize                                                                                        Gems & Flipkart Voucher

    How To Play Flipkart Trivia Daily Quiz?

    1. First of all download the Flipkart app from the Google Play Store.

    2. log in to Flipkart app with your email or mobile number. 

    3. Go to the games tab and click on Flipkart Trivia Quiz. 

    4. Now, give the correct answers to the five-question which is given above. 

    5. Congratulations!! Now you will get Gems and Flipkart Voucher. 

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