Audio Bee Work From Home Jobs | Audio Bee Full Review

Are you also unemployed and looking for work, then now you do not need to go anywhere.

Because today I have brought such a platform, by working on which you can easily earn $ 7 (Rs.500) every hour sitting at home.

The platform we are talking about is named The Audio Bee which is a freelancing website like and

You will get 4 types of jobs on this freelancing website. Those four jobs are Audio Transcription, Voice Recording, Translation, and Segmentation & Annotation.

Audio Bee Transcription Job

On the Audio Bee Freelancing website, you will have to type your computer or mobile after listening to audio.

Audio The audio that will be narrated may be part of a lecture, interview, discussion, or some other form of oral conversation. All you need is good listening skills and a solid understanding of your native language.

Earn $24-120 per audio hour transcribed. If you refer your friend you can earn up to $70.

Audio Bee Segmentation & Annotation Job

As an annotator, you will listen to the audio files on our web portal and categorize the audio with appropriate tags and labels.

We provide guidance and training to help new annotator improve their skills before they begin. You do not need any special knowledge of any language for this.

Annotate and label audio segments at $7.2 per audio hour. Refer friends to earn up to $70 more on each who completes a certain amount of tasks.

Audio Bee Voice Recording Job

Audio recording is the easiest job of the Audio Bee platform. You will have to read and record some sentences given on this portal.

Anyone speaking fluently in their mother tongue can apply for voice recording. Work on your personalized schedule from anywhere and get paid accordingly.

Completing a voice recording project can earn you anywhere from $5 to $50. You can get $1-20 for referring this project

Audio Bee Translation Job

In this work, you will have to convert the given passage into your native language, for which Audio Bee will pay for you.

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