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Amazon Quiz 17 June 2021 – Hello readers!! I hope you are enjoying our quiz answer. So friends I am back with another amazon quiz answer.  In this quiz chance to win exciting prizes.

Amazon Quiz Answers 17 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Sunderlal Bahuguna, the man who taught India to hug trees, recently passed away. He was behind which of these?

Answer 1 : Chipko Movement

Question 2: In March 2021, which cricketer scored the fastest 50 by a player on his ODI debut?

Answer 2 –  Krunal Pandya

Question 3: Name the 2020 film starring Tom Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause, commanding officer of the USS Keeling.

Answer 3 – Greyhound

Question 4: Known for hodoo rock formationa and hot air balloon rides, which place in Turkey in this?

Answer 4 – Cappadocia

Question 5: Name this iconic car from Volkswagen

Answer 5 – Beetle

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Amazon Quiz Answers 16 June 2021 Today

Question 1- In April 2021, which space agency launched the SHIELDS Mission?

Answer 1 : NASA

Question 2: Which football club topped the EPL table in 2020-21 to win its fifth Premier League title?

Answer 2 –  Manchester City

Question 3: Who has recently won the Best Actor Oscar in 2021 for playing an old man with dementia?

Answer 3 – Anthony Hopkins

Question 4: Name these nomadic people of the Sahara desert who are known for their unique tea ceremony and blue coloured veil.

Answer 4 – Tuaregs

Question 5: Which of the following was invented by Alan Shugart while working for this company?

Answer 5 – Floppy Disk

Amazon Quiz Answers 15 June 2021 Today

Question 1- In the final of which of these ATP Masters 1000 series tournaments in 2021 did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic?

Answer 1 : Italion Open

Question 2: In which country would you find the hot and dry deserts called Gibson, Simpson and Tanami?

Answer 2 –  Autralia

Question 3: Which popular series of books on dragons is authored by Tui T. Sutherland?

Answer 3 – Wings of Fire

Question 4: According to legend, on the order of King Arthur people like these spent their lives searching for which precious treasure?

Answer 4 – Holy Grail

Question 5: What do the ear flaps in this animal help it do?

Answer 5 – Stay cool

Amazon Quiz Answers 14 June 2021 Today

Question 1- With which medicine company has India’s DRDO collaborated to develop the 2DG drug for treatment of COVID-19?

Answer 1 : Dr Reddy’s

Question 2: What name was given to the most famous rock formation in the Galapagos Islands that has recently collapsed into the sea?

Answer 2 –  Darwin’s Arch

Question 3: As of May 2021, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former Norweigian player, is the current manager of which EPL club?

Answer 3 – Manchester United

Question 4: Called Hanboks, these are the traditional clothes worn by the people of which Asian county?

Answer 4 – South Korea

Question 5: Which legendary hero from Switzerland was made to shoot an arrow at this fruit balanced on his son’s head?

Answer 5 – William Tell

Amazon Quiz Answers 13 June 2021 Today

Question 1- If the first was ‘Inkheart’ and the second was ‘Inkspell’, then what is the third in the trilogy?

Answer 1 : Inkdeath

Question 2: Which of the following has been given the name ‘Tauktae’ by Myanmar, which means ‘gecko’?

Answer 2 –  A cyclone

Question 3: Which artist’s painting titled “Painting for Saints” as a tribute to the NHS and healthcare workers, recently auctioned for £14.4m?

Answer 3 – Banksy

Question 4: This animal became famous across the world with the release of which animated film in 2005?

Answer 4 – Madagascar

Question 5: Identify the festival from this picture.

Answer 5 – Burning Man

Amazon Quiz Answers 12 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Who has recently been crowned Miss Universe 2020?

Answer 1 : Andrea Meza

Question 2: Which country has recently sent its first-ever Mars rover to the red planet, landing it in May 2021?

Answer 2 –  China

Question 3: Which re-recorded album by Taylor Swift was released in April 2021, and went on to become No. 1 in the US?

Answer 3 – Fearless

Question 4: Identify this dance form that takes two people to do, as per an English proverb.

Answer 4 – Tango

Question 5: Often called Korean sushi, name this dish.

Answer 5 – Kimbap

Amazon Quiz Answers 11 June 2021 Today

Question 1- National Anti-Terrorism Day is observed every year on 21st May on whose death anniversary?

Answer 1 : Rajiv Gandhi

Question 2: Which auto major has launched Ioniq, its e-vehicle brand with the first model named ‘5’?

Answer 2 –  Hyundai

Question 3: Which team was the first in IPL 2021 to have players testing positive, finally leading to the suspension of the season?

Answer 3 – KKR

Question 4: With which festival do we connect decorative chocolate eggs like these?

Answer 4 – Easter

Question 5: Which mythical country in South America was believed to be rich in this material?

Answer 5 – El Dorado

Amazon Quiz Answers 10 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Which cricket team is India going to play in the finals of the first-ever World Test Championships?

Answer 1 : New Zealand

Question 2: Which pop singer collaborated with Lady Gaga on the hit pop single ‘Rain On Me’?

Answer 2 –  Ariana Grande

Question 3: The world’s largest jeweller, Pandora, announced that it will stop using naturally sourced what, in order to become carbon neutral by 2025?

Answer 3 –  Diamonds

Question 4: Also known as the Master of this martial art, who is the latest Marvel superhero who will hit the big screens later in 2021?

Answer 4 – Shang-Chi

Question 5: Which company is giving away these items for free to people in the USA who show they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine?

Answer 5 – Krispy Kreme

Amazon Quiz Answers 9 June 2021 Today

Question 1- FirstRand Bank, which recently exited India, is from which country?

Answer 1 : (A) South Africa

Question 2: Complete the title of this recently released book by Peggy Mohan: “Wanderers, Kings, Merchants: The Story of India through Its __________”?

Answer 2 –  (B) Languages

Question 3: Name India’s flagship equity index that completed 25 years of its journey in April 2021.

Answer 3 –  (C) Nifty50

Question 4: Which of these actors has NOT played the role of this superhero in movies?

Answer 4 – (A) Ryan Reynolds

Question 5: Which Greco-Roman hero was told by Eurystheus at this place to perform 12 Great Labours?

Answer 5 – (D) Hercules

Amazon Quiz Answers 8 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Which international organisation recently released the global Review of Death Penalty?

Answer 1 : (A) Amnesty International

Question 2: Rumana Sinha Sehgal won the World Humanitarian Award 2021 named after which famous personality?

Answer 2 –  (B) Nelson Mandela

Question 3: Which company has launched a $250 million venture fund for India— Smbhav Venture Fund?

Answer 3 –  (D) Amazon

Question 4: The name of this animal derives from the Malay word pengguling, meaning what?

Answer 4 – (C) Something that rolls up

Question 5: According to Greek myths, who stole this from the heavens and brought it to Earth?

Answer 5 – (A) Prometheus

Amazon Quiz Answers 7 June 2021 Today

Question 1- The first unit of the indigenously built ALH Mk III aircraft was recently commissioned into which of these forces?

Answer 1 : Indian Navy

Question 2: The government of UK is exploring the possibility of creating which new digital currency?

Answer 2 –  BritCoin

Question 3: Charles Geschke, Adobe’s co-founder who passed away recently, aided the development of which widely used technology?

Answer 3 –  PDF

Question 4: Which of these is NOT true about this country?

Answer 4 – Largest Country by Area

Question 5: Identify this fish-eating mammal.

Answer 5 – Otter

Amazon Quiz Answers 6 June 2021 Today

Question 1- In April 2021, Priyanka Mohite from Maharashtra became the first Indian woman climber to scale which mountain?

Answer 1 : Annapurna

Question 2: Natanz nuclear site is located in which country?

Answer 2 –  Iran

Question 3: Which global tech giant announced the acquisition of AI-based technology company Nuance Communications for $19.7 billion?

Answer 3 –  Microsoft

Question 4: This picture shows which of the following?

Answer 4 – The longest river

Question 5: Name this member of the Giraffe family.

Answer 5 – Okapi

Amazon Quiz Answers 5 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Every year, 18th April is celebrated as ‘International Day for Monuments and Sites’ which is also known as what?

Answer 1 : World Heritage day

Question 2: Vera Gedrowitz, who was recently honored by a Google Doodle, was the first woman military surgeon in which country?

Answer 2 –  Russia

Question 3: M. Narasimham, who recently passed away, was known as the father of which of the following?

Answer 3 –  Indian banking reforms

Question 4: Where was this picture taken?

Answer 4 – Everest Base Camp

Question 5: This is the biggest fish. Name it.

Answer 5 – Whale Shark

Amazon Quiz Answers 4 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Widely in news, what medical condition describes an absence of enough oxygen in the tissues to sustain bodily functions?

Answer 1 : Hypoxia

Question 2: Miguel Díaz-Canel is serving as the first secretary of the Communist Party in which country since 2021?

Answer 2 –  Cuba

Question 3: ISRO is going to execute the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) with which other space agency?

Answer 3 –  JAXA

Question 4: With respect to the solar system, what is NOT true about this planet?

Answer 4 – It is the coldest planet

Question 5: This is a picture of what?

Answer 5 – Tallest grass

Amazon Quiz Answers 3 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Which ministry was responsible for the ’40th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica’?

Answer 1 : Ministry of Earth Sciences

Question 2: Which of these is an upcoming children’s book written by JK Rowling?

Answer 2 –  The Christmas Pig

Question 3: Which country is known for their Hellenic Air Force?

Answer 3 –  Greece

Question 4: Name this famous monument

Answer 4 – Hagia Sophia

Question 5: This is the ______ planet in the solar system. Fill in the blanks

Answer 5 – Hottest

Amazon Quiz Answers 2 June 2021 Today

Question 1- What is the name given to the roadmap for implementation of National Education Policy for the next 10 years in India?

Answer 1 : SARTHAQ

Question 2: Stefanos Tsitsipas, the youngest player ranked in the top 10 in the ATP rankings, is from which country?

Answer 2 –  Greece

Question 3: Marwa Elselehdar, who was in the news recently, is Egypt’s first female what ?

Answer 3 –  Ship captain

Question 4: Who was the first actor to play this character in a live-action movie?

Answer 4 – Nicholas Hammond

Question 5: What is true about this lake located in Russia?

Answer 5 – Deepest freshwater lake

Amazon Quiz Answers 1 June 2021 Today

Question 1- Released in May 2021, ‘Believe – What Life and Cricket Taught Me’ is the autobiography of which Indian cricketer?

Answer 1 : Suresh Raina

Question 2: In April 2021, which country became the first to bring in a law forcing its financial firms to report on the effects of climate change?

Answer 2 –  New Zealand

Question 3: President Biden has announced withdrawal of all American troops from which country by Sept 11, 2021?

Answer 3 –  Afghanistan

Question 4: This is an an all-electric car made by which world-famous automobile manufacturer?

Answer 4 – Porsche

Question 5: Identify this variety of mushroom.

Answer 5 – Shitake

Amazon Quiz Answers 31 May 2021 Today

Question 1- Which of the following government bodies have recently launched the ‘National Nursery Portal’?

Answer 1 : National Horticulture Board

Question 2: Germany has recently pledged to return the Benin Bronzes, a group of historical objects, to which African country?

Answer 2 –  Nigeria

Question 3: The ACM AM Turing Award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of what?

Answer 3 –  Computing

Question 4: This animal is nearly undetectable by which of these, due to their transparent fur?

Answer 4 – Infrared cameras

Question 5: What was James Christie’s profession?

Answer 5 – Auctioneer

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