The July Quiz Answers

Which author born on July 31st, also wrote under the pen name 'Nawab Rai' and was known as Upanyas Samrat (Emperor among Novelists)?

Answer : Munshi Premchand 

Q.2 National Doctor's Day is celebrated in India on July 1st, on the birthday of which famous Indian?

Answer : Bidhan Chandra Roy

Q.3 On July 16th 1969, Apollo 11 was launched carrying the crew of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. Where did the launch take place?

Answer : Cape Kennedy

Q.4 On 6th July 2003, who defeated Mark Philippoussis to claim his first Grand Slam singles title?

Answer : Roger Federer

Q.5 This annual observance on July 14th in France, is formally known as La fete nationale. How is it more popularly known throughout the world?

Answer : Bastille Day