Which organization has recently become India’s first $150 bn company?

 Question 1 of 5: 

Which organization has recently become India's first $150 bn company?

The answer is- RIL


Question 2 of 5: 

23rd June is observed as a day promoting mass participation of sports, which celebrates the formation of what organization?

The answer is- IOC


Question 3 of 5: 

Which famous writer born on 27th June, wrote iconic works such as 'Durgeshnandini', 'Kapalkundala' and 'Anandamath'?

The answer is- Bankimchandra Chatterjee


Question 4 of 5: 

Connie Nielsen plays the role of the mother of which member of the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe?

The answer is- Wonder Women

Question 5 of 5: 

'The Room Where It Happened' is a memoir by which former White House employee?

The answer is- John Bolton

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