Amazon Bollywood Master Quiz Answers 

Amazon Bollywood Master Quiz Answers

Question 1 of 10

Which of these famous actors featured in BR Chopra's Mahabharat as Raja Bharat?
Answer : Raj Babbar

Question 2 of 10

The year in which Sholay was nominated for Best Film at the Filmfare awards, which movie finally won the award?
Answer : Deewar

Question 3 of 10

In the original Golmaal movie, Ram Prasad Sharma has to pretend to have a twin after Bhawani Shankar spots him watching a match in which sport?
Answer 3: Hockey

Question 4 of 10

The fictional MMA league, Pro Takedown run by Aakash Oberoi, features in which Bollywood film?
Answer : Sultan

Question 5 of 10

In the movie 'Tumhari Sulu' which real life RJ stars as Albeli Anjali, a colleague of Sulochana, played by Vidya Balan?
Answer : RJ Malishka

Question 6 of 10

'Sleepers', 'Patriots', 'Pariah', 'Dance of Death' are some of the episodes in which Amazon Prime series?
Answer 6: Family Man

Question 7 of 10

In 1999, a famous director made his debut for Doordarshan with a documentary titled 'The Forgotten Army'. Who was the director?
Answer : Kabir Khan

Question 8 of 10

Which of these is a production company co-founded by Farhan Akhtar?
Answer 8: Excel Entertainment

Question 9 of 10

The Bollywood movie 'We are Family' starring Kajol and Kareena Kapoor is the remake of which Hollywood movie?
Answer : Stepmom

Question 10 of 10

Which Bollywood actress stars as filmstar Samara Kapoor in the Amazon Prime Series 'Four More Shots Please!'?
Answer 10: Lisa Ray