Amazon Quiz Answer Today - 22 June 2020
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At which venue are India scheduled to play a day and night Test match during their tour of Australia in 2020-21?

The answer - Adelaide Oval


Question 2 of 5: 

Shintaro Tsuji, who recently stepped down from his company, is known to have created which iconic character brand?

The answer - Hello Kitty


Question 3 of 5: 

Which of these terms was coined by John McCarthy and other researchers , at Dartmouth in the summer of 1956?

The answer - Artificial Intelligence


Question 4 of 5: 

The campaign theme in 2020 for which of these days observed on June 14th, was 'Safe blood saves lives'?

The answer - World Blood Donor Day

Question 5 of 5: 

Arturo Vidal who scored Barcelona's first La Liga goal on their return after the COVID- 19 represents which country?

The answer - Chile



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